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The whole department is growing! The latest sales of Great Wall are announced.

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On December 5th, Great Wall Motor released its November production and sales KuaiBao. Data show that the wholesale sales of Great Wall cars in November were 122849, up 40.30% from the same period last year, and the cumulative wholesale sales from January to November in 2023 were 1118202, up 12.94% from the same period last year. According to the annual sales target of 1.6 million Great Wall vehicles, the target completion rate in the first 11 months of this year is 69.89%. When it ends in 2023, it may be difficult to achieve the annual sales target according to the previous monthly sales trend of Great Wall Motor.

Subdivided into major brands, the five major brands of Great Wall all achieved year-on-year growth in November. Among them, the tank brand had the highest year-on-year growth, with sales of 18577 vehicles in November, up 70.13% from a year earlier. At present, the models sold by tank brands include tank 300,400,500, of which tank 300 is the main selling model. take the retail sales of the Federation in October as an example, the retail sales of tank 300s and tank 500s are 8645 and 5065, respectively. The number of tanks on the market on September 25 was 3102. For tank brands, in addition to improving the product matrix, how to improve the sales of other products is also one of the important tasks of tank brands.

As the main sales force of Great Wall, Harvard brand sold 75012 vehicles in November, up 39.11% from the same period last year, and the cumulative sales for the year were 649610, up 13.52% from the same period last year, accounting for 58.09% of the total sales.

After entering 2023, Harvard brand has launched new cars such as Harvard II Big Dog, Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX, Harvard Raptor and so on, and these models have also boosted the sales of the Harvard brand to some extent. Take October retail sales as an example, the top five models sold by the Harvard brand are the Harvard H6, the Harvard Big Dog, the Harvard Raptor, the Harvard Owl MAX and the Harvard H5, with sales of 25928, 13796, 5084, 2636 and 2036 respectively.

In August last year, the Harvard brand announced a full transition to new energy vehicles, halting the sale of fuel vehicles from 2030. The owl dragon MAX is the key model on the road of transformation, but from the point of view of sales, the Harvard brand still needs to further enrich the product range, improve brand awareness, and accelerate the transformation of new energy strategy.

The Euler brand sold 10025 vehicles in November, up 47.95 per cent from a year earlier, and accumulated sales of 98492 vehicles from January to November this year, up 1.47 per cent from a year earlier. At present, the models on sale include Euler cats, ballet cats and lightning cats, of which Euler cats account for 80% of the sales. After entering 2023, the Euler brand has not yet launched a new car and still relies on Euler good cats to maintain overall sales, compared with the smaller size of ballet cats and lightning cats.

For most car brands, the continuous launch of new cars to stimulate the end market is one of the most effective ways to boost sales, but it also works for Wei Brand.

At present, Wei brand models on sale include mocha / mocha DHT-PHEV, latte DHT/ latte DHT-PHEV, macchiato DHT/ macchido DHT-PHEV and blue mountain DHT-PHEV. Blue mountain DHT-PHEV, which was launched on April 13, is a new Wei brand model with a total of two models with a price range of 27.38-308800 yuan.

Official figures show that Wei brand sales in November were 2866, up 35.83 per cent from a year earlier, and cumulative sales in the first 11 months of this year were 38090, up 8.83 per cent from a year earlier. Most of these sales come from Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV. Data from the Federation of passengers show that Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV sales from May to October were 5136, 5506, 5566, 5023, 2026 and 2032 respectively.

From the intuitive data, we can see that the main sales of Wei brand in recent months come from Blue Mountain. In short, as a big six Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV priced at about 300000, the car successfully stopped the decline in sales of Wei brand after its launch. However, compared with the surge in previous months, Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV sales began to decline in September. For Wei Brand, at present, there is only one volume model in Blue Mountain, and Wei Brand still needs to launch more products that can be recognized by consumers in order to boost sales.

In addition to the above brands, Great Wall Motor is also accelerating its promotion in overseas markets. Data show that Great Wall sold 35496 vehicles overseas in November, with cumulative sales of 282542 from January to November. It is understood that by the end of the first half of 2023, the company has established more than 700 overseas sales channels and exported to more than 170 countries and regions.

Taken together, both monthly sales and cumulative sales in the previous November, Great Wall's five major brands achieved year-on-year growth. However, it should be noted that as new energy vehicles gradually become the protagonist of the car market, Great Wall Motor does not have a product that can fully play a leading role in new energy products, which leads to its weak sense of existence in the domestic new energy vehicle market. Great Wall sold 31248 new energy vehicles in November, compared with 232145 from January to November, according to official figures. It is clear that Great Wall urgently needs to launch more products that can be recognized by consumers, which means that Great Wall, which flourished in the era of fuel trucks, needs to make more changes.

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