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A new force in car building has been rumored that all work is suspended! Official response

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Today, a picture of the suspension of all work at Gaohe has circulated on the Internet, indicating that Gaohe has stopped shipping and stopped the development of new projects. In addition, there is also a picture of a conversation with netizens, which also points out that Gaohe has stopped handing in the car. As soon as these news came out, they immediately boarded the position of Weibo's hot search. In response to the news spread online, Gao he Automobile related people responded: it is a pure rumor and everything is working normally.

It is worth noting that although the official denied the above online news, but in October last year, there was news that Gaohe began large-scale layoffs. Some netizens revealed that the proportion of layoffs was as high as 20%, and some departments laid off as much as 50%. On the news of the start of a round of large-scale layoffs, Gaohe Automobile said at that time: large-scale layoffs are false information, this is a normal flow of personnel. Although the official refutation of the rumor is a normal flow of people, the news still makes many netizens worried about the recent situation of Haohe Motor.

Although officials have also denied the news that all work has been suspended, Gaohe has not had a strong sense of presence in the market in recent years, and sales of several of its models are insignificant. Relevant information shows that Gaohe Automobile is a pure electric vehicle brand under Chinese American Express, which was established on July 31, 2019. At present, there are three models on sale, the first volume production car Gaohe HiPhi X will be launched in September 2020, a total of two models will be launched with a price range of 680,000 million, and the Gaohe HiPhi X will be delivered in May 2021. The second model, the high-tech HiPhi Z, was launched in August 2022, with a total of two new models, starting at 610000 yuan. The third model was launched in July last year, positioning pure electricity in the large SUV, a total of four models, with a price range of 339000 yuan to 449000 yuan.

The data show that the cumulative sales of Gaohe in 2021 are 4237, and the annual sales of Gaohe in 2022 are 4520. In order to reverse the sluggish sales, the official launched the HiPhi Y model last year, which in terms of price is much lower than the previous two cars, the HiPhi Z and HiPhi X, but it also means that the government hopes to shoulder the heavy burden of its sales through the high-tech HiPhi Y. Unfortunately, Gaohe HiPhi Y did not meet official expectations, with figures showing that Gaohe HiPhi Y sold 1556 vehicles in September and 1606 in October last year. Sales of the other two models have not improved since 2023. Gaohe HiPhi X sold 25 vehicles in September and 160 in October, according to the data. Gaohe HiPhi Z sold 154s in September and 68 in October last year.

In the context of depressed sales, it will inevitably arouse netizens' suspicion about the current situation of high-tech cars. For the news that all work of Gaohe has been suspended on the Internet. Some netizens analyzed that by the end of the year, all suppliers began to ask car companies for money, which is most likely to be paid back. Some netizens also pointed out for the situation of Gaohe that Gaohe has pulled its position too high, what can be used to maintain the operation of the enterprise with inexpensive goods that have not gone away?

Indeed, due to the high pricing of Gaohe electric vehicles and their low popularity and other reasons, the sales of Gaohe cars in the market can not be improved. After all, the pricing of hundreds of thousands of dollars is destined to be aimed at a niche market, with no increase in sales, the cost is still continuing, and the new car-building forces, which have sold tens of thousands of cars in many months, are still at a loss. While Gaohe's monthly sales are still in the triple digits, how big the loss should be. At present, with the increasingly fierce competition for new energy vehicles, a new round of knockout has begun, and there may not be much time left for high-tech cars.

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