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It is exposed that Xiaopeng Automobile organizational structure has been greatly adjusted!

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On January 22, according to media reports, Xiaopeng Motor has undergone a new round of organizational restructuring. The report points out that under the leadership of Wang Fengying, president of Xiaopeng, the new round of organizational structure adjustment of Xiaopeng involves marketing, human resources, intelligent data, manufacturing and product planning. Zhang Li, the former general manager of Great Wall, joined Xiaopeng a few months ago to take over from Jiang Ping, who has retired. Jiang Ziyang, who once worked as a senior positioning consultant at Reese Strategy, joined Xiaopeng Automobile and was in charge of product planning, previously headed by Wu Meng.

As of press time, Xiaopeng Automobile officials have not yet responded to the above news.

In fact, since last year, Xiaopeng began to make a series of changes, including a comprehensive adjustment of the internal organizational structure, financial system and marketing system. In March 2023, it was reported that Xiaopeng Motor had completed a round of marketing system reform. After the reform, the two channel teams of Auto Trade and UDS completed the merger in the internal organization and management structure; in the sales system, the sales regions of the two major channels in the country were removed and adjusted to a small area system. At the same time, the original regional system was abolished and re-divided into more than 20 sales districts across the country, and the direct stores and authorized dealers in each district were in charge of the district. Since then, Xiaopeng Motor has adopted the mixed mode of "self-built direct operation + authorized dealer to join" on the terminal network. at that time, the media said that the change of Xiaopeng automobile marketing system was related to the internal friction of Xiaopeng auto stores and authorized franchise stores.

In addition, Xiaopeng has also undergone major adjustments in terms of personnel. Among them, Wang Fengying, former general manager of the Great Wall, joined Xiaopeng as president in January 2023, responsible for Xiaopeng's product planning, product matrix and sales system. And report to he Xiaopeng. Wang Fengying's parachuting is seen as Xiaopeng's self-help during a critical period of organizational change. After its performance, Xiaopeng also carried out internal reforms, including budget cuts and corruption.

Auto Industry concern believes that whether it is the internal organizational structure, marketing system, personnel management or product layout, Xiaopeng's innovation is linked to its poor sales in the first half of the year. Data show that Xiaopeng delivered a total of 41435 cars in the first half of 2023, down 39.93% from the same period last year, making it the brand with the worst decline in the new power brand delivery list. Fortunately, from the second half of 2023, Xiaopeng car delivery volume gradually began to have a warming trend. During this period, Xiaopeng has also undergone a lot of innovation, including "marriage" with Volkswagen and cooperation with Didi, and behind this series of actions, people in the industry believe that it is to boost Xiaopeng's car sales.

Data show that a total of 141601 Xiaopeng cars were delivered in 2023, an increase of 17.26 percent over the same period last year. Judging from the data, Wang Fengying did effectively lead Xiaopeng's cost reduction, efficiency and channel reform as president of Xiaopeng, and also boosted sales, but in the "Wei Xiaoli" camp, compared with the ideal car, Xiaopeng's performance did not show up. For comparison, the total number of ideal cars delivered in 2023 was 376030, an increase of 182.21% over the same period last year, while that of Lulai was 160038, an increase of 30.66% over the same period last year.

According to the official website, Xiaopeng car models currently on sale include Xiaopeng P7, P5, G3i, G9, P7i and X9. Among them, Xiaopeng's first mass-produced model G3 and its modified product G3i will stop production in 2023, which is based on the company's long-term planning. The X9 is Xiaopeng's sixth production car and its first MPV. As the flagship model under Xiaopeng's "supporting and shaking" structure, the new car is located in a medium and large MPV with a pure electric power system on the power. a total of 4 models have been launched with a price range of 359800 yuan to 419800 yuan.

The latest figures show that after entering 2024, Xiaopeng sold only 2800 cars in the first two weeks of January, compared with 11000 ideal cars and 4700 Xilai cars.

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