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Sales are falling back! The "purge" of the high level of a new force

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As a member of the new power, Co-Venture has not been living a peaceful life recently.

A few days ago, Duran, co-president of Hechuang Automobile, was revealed to have left office for only half a year. It is understood that Duran joined iFLYTEK in 2015 as a senior vice president and served as president of iFLYTEK South China Co., Ltd., chairman of iFLYTEK South China artificial Intelligence Institute and other positions. In April 2023, iFLYTEK announced that Duran had applied to leave for personal reasons. After that, Duran joined Co-Venture Automobile as co-president.

After Duran joined Cochuang, he presided over the launch of the blockbuster model-Hechuang V09. On October 13th, Hechuang V09 launched a total of five models with a price range of 31.88-438800 yuan. It is understood that the joint venture V09 positioning of large-scale MPV, using 2-2-7-type 7-seat layout. In terms of power, the new car is driven by permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 202kW and a maximum torque of 335Nm. In terms of mileage, the new car is equipped with ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries, with mileage of 620km and 762km respectively. In addition, the car also supports 800 volts ultra-fast charging.

As a blockbuster car of the year, the Syntronic V09 "flipped over" when it went on sale. What happened is that at the press conference, Co-Chuang Motor Co., Ltd. in order to demonstrate the overcharging technology of Co-Chuang V09, live broadcast the charging process of Co-Chuang V09. At that time, the camera showed the dashboard that the vehicle still had 30% power, and the mileage Wi184km, and then the vehicle began to recharge, but the camera did not continue the live broadcast, but returned to the venue to introduce other functions of the vehicle. When the camera turned off the field again, the vehicle meter showed that the vehicle had a battery charge of 78% and a battery life of 593km, but it showed a time of 16:44 and a live broadcast of 19:28. To this end, some netizens questioned the existence of charging "fraud" in Hechuang V09, but Hechuang did not respond publicly to this matter. Since then, Hechuang released a video of the V09 overcharge to the end, in which the V09 honorary version of the overcharge 620 model was recharged for 10 minutes on the Juwan Tech Research 480kW supercharge pile with a capacity of 419km. This period of time is also considered indirect as the name of the Hechuang V09.

Also in the month of the launch of the V09, Duran left Cochuang for only half a year, but Cochuang did not issue any statement related to the change of position. At present, there are no videos related to Co-Chuang Automobile on Duran's personal short video account, and the video that was previously drained for Co-Chuang V09 has been deleted.

In addition to Duran, users certified as employees of Hechuang Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., including Zhang Yingle, General Manager of sales, Ma Shanshan, Director of Marketing, Yue Peng, Deputy General Manager of sales, and Gu Wanguo, Vice President of sales, all left. It's understandable if a single executive leaves for personal reasons, but there's something strange about a number of management leaving collectively. Of course, before the press release, Cochuang has not responded to the relevant job changes, so we can only question the relevant news and look forward to its response.

It is worth mentioning that the month after Duran left, Co-Venture announced major personnel appointments. According to the notice, due to the needs of the company's business development, it was decided to appoint Zhang Yuesai as president of Hechuang Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., fully responsible for the production, operation and management of the company.

Compared with Dulan, Zhang Yuesai has a deep background in the automotive industry, has more than 35 years of working experience in GAC GROUP, and has served in Guangzhou Peugeot, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, GAC MOTOR, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi. His previous position was GAC GROUP, head of the vehicle cause, Director of the Economic Management Commission and General Manager GAC MOTOR. Today, Zhang Yuesai is 60 years old and has reached the legal retirement age for men, but judging from the latest appointment of Co-Chuang Motor, Zhang Yuesai has no intention of retiring. It is unclear whether Zhang Yuesai can reverse the decline of Co-Chuang Motor.

Hechuang Automobile, formerly known as GAC Weilai, was founded in April 2018 and is jointly owned by GAC GROUP, GAC Ean, Lvlai Fund, Lailai Automobile and the founding team, and its new energy vehicle brand is Co-founder HYCAN. The marriage between the traditional head car company and the new head car-building power was initially favored by many people, but unfortunately the alliance did not get a good result, and the two sides soon parted ways, leaving the joint venture car to be self-reliant.

Since its inception, Hechuang has launched 007, Z03 and A06 models, but sales are very average. Retail sales figures show. Hechuang sold a total of 18559 vehicles in 2023, down from 2022. Now, the poor sales performance and the collective resignation of the marketing team are due to blame.

The competition in the new energy market in 2023 will be more fierce, with both traditional manufacturers and new forces launching new models in order to compete for the market. Under the background of low brand awareness and insufficient product power, it is difficult to predict that Cituang V09 has failed to undertake the important task of co-creation, because there are many competitors with stronger brand awareness, such as Teng Teng D9, Polar Krypton 009, Lantu Dreamer and Chuanqi E9.

For a long time, Co-Chuang has not found its own brand label, its market positioning, company structure is unclear, management is often changed, so that Co-Chuang did not lay a solid foundation in the early stage of development. Although it is backed by GAC, the controlling shareholder is Guangdong Zhutou Intelligent Technology Investment Co., Ltd., which holds a 68.56% stake in Hechuang Automobile, and its chairman Zhu Yihang is the eldest son of real estate mogul Zhu Mengyi. From this point of view, Hechuang Motor is no different from Evergrande and Baoneng Automobile, both of which belong to cross-border car building.

The market competition in 2024 will be further intensified, and now Co-Chuang Motor is standing at a crossroads, and the fate of the future will ultimately be decided by the market.

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