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Backlog of orders! He Xiaopeng: ready to go to the factory to screw the screws

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Recently, he Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, apologized for the lack of production capacity of Xiaopeng X9 in a personal Weibo post.

He Xiaopeng said that he continuously received several messages that Pengyou had urged X9 to give birth, and he understood everyone's anxious mood of waiting. I was really sorry. There was a backlog of tens of thousands of X9 orders in January, and the supply of the G9 was also affected. At the same time, it is also pointed out that the core card problem of X9 has been solved, and all efforts will be made to work overtime during the Spring Festival. Interestingly, he Xiaopeng also revealed in his blog post that he should be ready to go to the factory to screw screws during the Spring Festival holiday.

Relevant data show that: Xiaopeng X9 on January 1 this year, the new car positioning pure electric MPV model, a total of 4 configuration models, the price of 359800 yuan-419800 yuan. On January 16, Xiaopeng X9 opened national scale delivery. It is understood that Xiaopeng X9 is Xiaopeng's first MPV model, based on the SEPA 2.0 swing structure.

In terms of appearance, the Xiaopeng X9 adopts a family design, with a closed grille on the front face and a through-type light belt with split headlights. The front surround decoration is based on the mesh design, which succinctly combines the elements of younger and more athletic. Under the front of the car with an inverted trapezoidal grille, the interior is decorated with a hexagonal gradient design, and the lidar is located on both sides. The rear part of the car uses a slightly downward sloping slip-back shape, with the through-type taillight design that echoes with the front face, the visual effect is very dynamic.

As for the car body, it adopts slip-back design and is equipped with popular hidden door handles and side sliding doors. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Xiaopeng X9 are 5293/1988/1785mm and the wheelbase is 3160mm. In terms of intelligent driving, the Xiaopeng X9 is equipped with 29 intelligent driving sensing elements, including forward dual lidar, camera, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic mine and so on. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Among them, the maximum power of the drive motor carried by the two-wheel drive model is 235 kilowatts; the maximum power of the motor before and after the four-wheel drive model is 235 kilowatts and 135 kilowatts respectively.

There are three versions of battery life, including the standard battery pack with a capacity of 84.5kwh and the CLTC with a mileage of 610km, while the long-lasting version and the four-wheel drive version have a capacity of 101.5 kWh and CLTC mileage of 702km and 640km respectively.

Xiaopeng X9 as the sixth production model of Xiaopeng car, the biggest highlight is the only standard rear wheel steering MPV model in the world. The car was quickly favored by the market, with figures showing that Xiaopeng X9 sold 2478 vehicles in January, accounting for 30 per cent of Xiaopeng's total sales in January. As a reference, Xiaopeng sold 8250 vehicles in January.

In fact, as early as last year when Xiaopeng G6 was exposed, he Xiaopeng went to the factory to experience screwing. At that time, he Xiaopeng posted on Weibo that at the request of the vast number of "Pengyou", he tried to screw down the screws in several workstations and made tests. To sum up, the professional things should be left to the professional students to do. They are not helpful. The whole process feels disliked. The production monitor said that because he was worried that he had not screwed it well, the time of re-inspection was much longer than the output of his help. He Xiaopeng said at that time that it would be better to be responsible for energizing everyone to solve the difficulties in the future, and make every effort to do a good job in delivery and quality together.

It is worth noting that recently, it is not only Xiaopeng X9 that has been exposed due to insufficient production capacity, affecting delivery. And Avita 12 also delayed delivery due to missing parts. At the same time, the equation Leopard 5 cloud version, Wisdom S7 also appeared the situation of delayed delivery. Of course, it is also easy to understand the delay in the delivery of new energy vehicles. After all, the mass production of a new energy vehicle involves many links. For example, the design of the car body manufacturing, technical adaptation and the supply of parts, each link may affect the delivery time of the vehicle.

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