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Arteon, Volkswagen's most beautiful car, is out of production!

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According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen CEO Thomas Sefer said he would stop producing its Arteon model (domestic counterpart Volkswagen CC). A Volkswagen insider confirmed to foreign media that the last Arteon car was assembled in 2023 and has now been officially discontinued. However, the suspension is the Arteon hatchback version, the hunting version of the car has not stopped production, the car will continue production at the German factory in Osnabruk until 2026.

In fact, as early as June 2023, the Volkswagen brand launched the "accelerate towards 6.50 Global performance" program, which aims to increase revenue by 10 billion euros by 2026 and achieve a sustainable return on investment of 6.5 per cent. In view of this, Volkswagen announced cost-cutting and efficiency measures, including streamlining and accelerating administrative processes, improving development and production efficiency, streamlining the lineup of models and further improving product quality. At that time, Thomas Sch ä fer, chief executive of the Volkswagen brand, mentioned that the Arteon model (the domestic counterpart of Volkswagen CC) might not launch a new model after 2024, which would be replaced by electric cars.

In addition, Volkswagen has previously said it will gradually streamline its niche models, ending production of the T-Roc convertible version in addition to the discontinued Passat hatchback and Arteon hatchback versions. In the future, Volkswagen will focus on the new energy market, the product development cycle will be reduced from 50 months to 36 months, and will achieve the production and sale of only electric cars in Europe by 2032.

In March 2017, Volkswagen Arteon made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, initially offering only a hatchback version, developed on the MQB platform, followed by a major overhaul and the launch of the Arteon Shooting Brake hunting version in 2020. Although the car is considered to be the successor to Volkswagen's CC, Volkswagen's positioning of the Arteon family is above the CC and Passat.

In the domestic market, Volkswagen Arteon corresponds to Volkswagen CC. The Volkswagen CC was introduced to the domestic market by FAW-Volkswagen in July 2010. it basically continues the overall styling design of the overseas version of Volkswagen Arteon and is called "the most beautiful Volkswagen" by netizens. It is powered by Maiteng's 2.0TSI engine and matches a six-speed DSG dual clutch transmission with a price of 25.28-299800 yuan.

In 2020, the new CC family (hatchback sedan, hunting car) went on sale. Since then, in 2022, imported Volkswagen introduced the original Arteon Shooting Brake R-Line into China, with a price of 348000 yuan. Unlike the domestic version of the CC hunting car, the Arteon hunting car does not use a cross-boundary appearance kit, including four-wheel black eyebrows, and there are many differences in other configurations, and higher pricing also forms a product distinction.

At present, the domestic Volkswagen CC is still on sale, offering a total of 3 car versions and 3 hunting versions, with a corresponding price range of 24.99-292900 yuan and 25.69-299900 yuan respectively, with a 2.0T engine on the power, of which the maximum power of the high-power version is 162kW and the low-power version is 137kW. The transmission system will match the seven-speed DSG double clutch gearbox.

It is not clear whether the suspension of Volkswagen Arteon production will have an impact on Volkswagen CC, and Automotive Industry focus will continue to follow the follow-up news.

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