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Is the joint venture car in danger? BYD Qin PLUS/ destroyer 05 may push 79800 new car

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A few days ago, car blogger @ Sun Shaojun said on Weibo that he confirmed that BYD Qin PLUS and Destroyer 05 would soon launch a new model, "Honor version", with an official guiding price of 79800 yuan. It is speculated that the Glory version is expected to use fabric seats and adjust some configurations.

Qin PLUS is a compact car owned by BYD, offering EV and DM-i power options. The configuration shows that the Qin PLUS DM-i championship version is divided into 55KM and 120KM, of which the 55KM leading type is 99800 yuan, the 55KM super type is 115800 yuan, the 120KM leading type is 125800 yuan, the 120KM super type is 135800 yuan, and the 120KM super type is 145800 yuan. By November 2023, Qin DM-i had offered a limited-time discount of 10, 000 yuan, with a starting price of 89800. The upcoming glorious version, priced at 79800 yuan, is also expected to be a DM-i model.

The price of Qin PLUS DM-i fell below 100000 yuan, and the joint venture fuel truck had the greatest impact. In the compact car market, fuel vehicles are still in the mainstream market, such as Nissan Xuanyi, Volkswagen Bora / Longyi, Toyota Corolla / Liling, etc., but with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and policy support, new energy models represented by BYD will also play a leading role. Take 2023 as an example, the annual sales of Qin PLUS New Energy is 434200, which is higher than that of Xuanyi (376100) and Lang Yi (345900). The gap between Qin PLUS and Xuanyi and Lang Yi is not big.

At present, BYD is the largest plug-in hybrid model manufacturer in China. in the face of the potential plug-in market, automakers such as Geely and Great Wall have announced the launch of new products in the hybrid field. With the rise of Qin PLUS models, more and more manufacturers begin to launch compact electric cars to compete with Qin PLUS, such as Geely Galaxy L6 (11.58-149800 yuan), Chang'an Qiyuan A05 (8.99-132900 yuan) and Wuling Xingguang (8.88-105800 yuan), while Qin PLUS DM-i 's upcoming "honorable version" may further enhance its product competitiveness.

As for the destroyer 05, which is positioned as a compact car like Qin PLUS, the difference is that it belongs to Ocean net. It launched the champion version in April 2023 and launched a total of five models with a price range of 101800-148800 yuan. The car is optional only for the DM-i model and is equipped with a DM-i hybrid system composed of a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and a motor. The maximum power of the engine is 81kW and the peak torque is 135N ·m. The drive motor provides two different adjustments according to the difference of pure electric mileage, the maximum power 132kW and peak torque 316N ·m of the 55km version and 325N ·m of the 120km version.

In the new energy vehicle market, BYD has covered the low, middle and high-end market, in which the main players in the high-end market are looking up, momentum and equation Leopard, while in the middle and high-end market is BYD, but with the intensification of competition in the new energy vehicle market, BYD's transformation of new energy vehicles is also facing challenges. It is understood that BYD's expected sales target in 2024 is 4.5 million vehicles, an increase of 1.5 million vehicles over 2023, which is equivalent to the one-year sales level of mainstream automakers. According to the results of 201500 vehicles in January, its average monthly sales need to reach about 400000 vehicles. This is not a small figure, equivalent to the total sales of Volkswagen in the north and south.

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