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New energy manufacturers list: two car companies skyrocketing!

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Retail sales in the passenger car market in January 2024 were 2.035 million, up 57.4% from a year earlier and down 13.9% from a month earlier, according to data from the Federation of passengers. Among them, retail sales of new energy passenger cars were 668000, up 101.8% from the same period last year, down 29.5% from the previous month.

Judging from the retail sales list of new energy manufacturers in January, the top 10 car companies in the list are BYD, Geely Automobile, Changan Automobile, SAIC General Motors Wuling, Tesla China, ideal Automobile, Selis Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Eian, and Dongfeng Motor.

In the list, all manufacturers showed a year-on-year increase, among which Geely and Selis increased significantly, up 632.1% and 590.4%, respectively.

Data show that Geely sold 64286 cars in January, up 632.1% from a year earlier, ranking second on the list. On February 19th, Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue announced that Geely Galaxy plans to launch three new energy products this year, including one hybrid model and two pure electric models. With more products on the market, Geely's sales are expected to be further boosted.

Selis car sales were 30854, up 590.4% from a year earlier, second only to Geely and ranked seventh on the list. The growth of Selis car sales is inseparable from the core brand-AITO question. Official figures show that 32973 new cars were delivered in January, up 636.83% from a year earlier and 34.76% from a month earlier, surpassing ideal cars for the first time, becoming the monthly sales champion of new power brands in the Chinese market.

Up to now, AITO's models on sale include M5, M7 and M9. In September 2023, the new M7 went public with a price range of 24.98 to 329800 yuan, falling in the same price band as the M5 of the medium-sized SUV of the same brand. The car exploded immediately after its launch, which successfully reversed the sales volume of the AITO. Retail data showed that the new M7 delivered 29997 vehicles in January, but less than 900 in May.

Looking back at the list, BYD remains at the top of the list, with sales rising 48.0 per cent in January from a year earlier to 206904 vehicles, the only company on the list that sold more than 200000 vehicles, with a market share of 31.0 per cent. Other car companies in the top five included Changan Automobile, SAIC GM Wuling and Tesla China, with January sales of 51109, 41066 and 39881 respectively.

In second place is the ideal car, and it is also the only brand on the list in the Wei Xiaoli camp. Data show that 31165 ideal cars were delivered in January, an increase of 105.83% over the same period last year and a month-on-month decline of 38.11%. For reference, Xilai delivered 10055 cars, an increase of 18.21 percent over the same period last year, and Xiaopeng delivered 8250 vehicles, an increase of 58.11 percent over the same period last year.

At present, ideal car models on sale include ideal L9 with 40-500000 yuan, ideal L8 with 30-400000 yuan and ideal L7 with 30-400000 yuan. All three models are hot-selling products. Ideal Automotive officials say this year will be an unprecedented year for ideal cars, with four extended-range models and four pure electric models, as well as eight highly competitive product combinations to meet the needs of home users. Among them, the ideal MEGA model will be delivered on March 1, which is the fourth model under the ideal car and the first MPV model, and is expected to sell for less than 600000 yuan. In addition, the ideal new SUV-- ideal L6 declaration chart and some official maps have been announced, and the new car will be on the market in April this year.

In addition to the above brands, Great Wall Motor, GAC Ean and Dongfeng Motor also had good increases, of which Great Wall Motor increased by 363.4% year-on-year to 23491; GAC Ean increased by 167.3% to 21938; and Dongfeng Motor increased by 142.9% to 12973.

On the whole, a number of new energy vehicle companies increased to varying degrees in January, especially Geely Motor and Selis Motor, both of which grew by more than 500% over the same period last year. Changan Automobile, SAIC General Motors Wuling, ideal Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Ean and Dongfeng Motor also increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

The domestic retail penetration rate of new energy vehicles was 32.8% in January, up 7.2% from a year earlier and down 7.5% from a month earlier, according to the Federation of passengers. Among them, the penetration rate of independent brand new energy vehicles is 51.8%, while the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in mainstream joint venture brands is only 5.1%. In addition, Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Federation of passengers, said that this year's price war in the national passenger car market will still be fierce, and this year is also a key year for new energy car companies to gain a foothold, and the competition is destined to be very fierce. With the rapid improvement of the penetration of new energy vehicles, the scale of the traditional fuel vehicle market is gradually shrinking, and the contradiction between the huge traditional production capacity and the shrinking fuel vehicle market brings a more fierce price war.

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