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Xiaopeng P7 was caught on fire by speeding out of control on a rainy day.

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The entry "Xiaopeng car hit a traffic sign and overturned and caught fire" went on the popular search site on Weibo today. As of press time, the entry has been read 16.728 million times and the interaction has reached 6749 times.

It is understood that the entry comes from an online video. In Suzhou, Jiangsu province, a Xiaopeng P7 caught fire after a suspected out-of-control collision on a rainy day.

As can be seen from the exposed video, two vehicles are driving at a very fast speed on the road, with the pink Xiaopeng P7 running at full speed, followed by a white car. At an intersection, the pink vehicle was suspected to have hit a roadside traffic sign and flew out of control to the green belt on the side of the road. during this period, the vehicle rolled in the air several times, and the vehicle caught fire instantly, leaving only the frame.

After the accident, a person familiar with the matter revealed to the media that the vehicle involved in the accident was Xiaopeng. The reason for the accident was that the driver drove too fast, directly hit the electric pole, hit the road sign, and even broke the tree. In addition, it was revealed that the scene was very tragic, and the whole car was burnt to a skeleton.

For this accident, Suzhou Hengfan subdistrict office responded that the vehicle damage at the scene was relatively serious and the accident was being further investigated and dealt with. Public security has been involved in the investigation, and the casualties are not yet clear. Xiaopeng official responded to the matter: it is very sad for the injuries to people and vehicles caused by the accident and is cooperating with the investigation.

For this accident, also attracted a lot of netizens' discussion. Some netizens commented: shocking, safety first. It's really fatal to drive fast in rainy days. Some netizens commented that the fuel truck would crash and disintegrate so soon, not to mention the electric car. In addition, some netizens commented on the fire after the collision that the battery pack would definitely be ignited if it was squeezed after the collision.

In this regard, relevant professionals pointed out that the main problem of the accident is driving too fast, not to mention in the case of slippery roads in rainy days, it is easy to get out of control even in sunny days. It is normal for the vehicle to crash at this speed and catch fire.

It is understood that the vehicle that caught fire in this collision is Xiaopeng p7. According to the data, the Xiaopeng P7 is the second product of Xiaopeng Automobile, which was launched in April 2020 and started delivery in June 2020, with a total of 8 models with long driving range, long driving range and four-wheel drive high performance models, with a price range of 22.42-409900. Data show that Xiaopeng P7 accumulated sales of 45371 vehicles in 2023.

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