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The advance sale is 18.49-216900 yuan! Jietu Shanhai T2 pre-sale

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A few days ago, the Jetway brand's compact SUV-- Shanhai T2 officially opened for pre-sale, and the new car launched a total of three equipped models with an advance price range of 18.49-216900 yuan. According to the plan, the new car will go on sale at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.

The Jetway Shanhai T2 can be simply understood as a hybrid version of the shortcut traveler, with the early launch of three models, including two pure electric models with a range of 129km and one with a pure electric range of 208km. In terms of appearance, the Jetu Shanhai T2 basically continues the design layout of the fuel version, still using a square box hard style, with 6 black square raised structures inside the forward air grille and with "JETOUR" English LOGO. At the same time, the LED headlamp group forms a square retro shape, while the headlamp as a whole is built into a lantern shape, which is combined with Chinese traditional culture. The bottom bumper is painted in black and the center is equipped with double trailer hooks to increase practicality and highlight hard style. In addition, the front enclosure of the new car is equipped with a large protective plate, which shows the wildness of the vehicle.

Side of the car body, square shape with outward protruding wheel arch in line with the hard SUV should have the aura, the shape of the wheel eyebrow protruding outward shows a hard style, it also uses the design of suspended roof. In the rear part of the car, the Jetu Shanhai T2 has an external spare tire, and the rear enclosure adopts a quite strong design, which can form a good echo with the front encirclement design. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4785/2006/1880mm and the wheelbase is 2800mm.

In the interior part, the Jetu Shanhai T2 is no different from the fuel version, and the center console also uses a lot of linear elements, equipped with an LCD dashboard (10.25 inches) and a suspended central control screen (15.6 inches), with a double flat-bottomed steering wheel and a vertical air outlet.

In terms of power, as a plug-in hybrid model, the Jetu Shanhai T2 is equipped with a hybrid system composed of a 1.5T engine, with a maximum engine power of 115kW, a peak torque of 220N ·m, a comprehensive maximum power of 280kW and a comprehensive maximum torque of 610Nm. At the same time, Jettoshanhai T2 uses Ningde Times 43.24kWh battery pack to match Kunpeng super electric hybrid C-DM system, which provides pure electric life of 208km and ultra-long integrated battery life of 1300km + for Jietu Shanhai T2.

Jetway Motor is a new product series launched by Chery Holdings Group on January 22, 2018. it once belonged to Kairui Automobile. At the beginning of its launch, it adopted the model strategy of high configuration and low price, and quickly relied on the Chery channel end for layout. At present, it has Jetta X90 series, Jetta X70 series, Jetta Dasheng series and other products. 203700 new cars are sold in 2023, and the highest sales are X70 series, which is 99800.

Now, after establishing the "survival line" supported by SUV products such as the X70 series, the X90 series and the Great Sage, shortcuts are entering the hardline off-road market through products such as shortcut travelers. In September 2023, the shortcut traveler launched the new car with a medium-sized hard off-road SUV, offering five-seater and seven-seater models with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, of which 1.5T and 2.0T are 13.99-149900 yuan and 15.99-184900 yuan respectively.

Stepping into the hardline cross-country is also an important direction for independent brands to achieve brand upwards. compared with cars and SUV, the off-road vehicle market still has places to be excavated, but with the layout of Dongfeng warriors, looking up, equation leopards and other brands, it is visible to the naked eye that the market pressure is beginning to grow, and it is obviously not easy for shortcuts to get a share in this market. For shortcuts, it is unclear whether they can get attention in the hard-line off-road market. In recent years, Jetta has failed to achieve the set sales target, with a sales target of 300000 vehicles in 2023, while the actual sales volume is only 200000 vehicles, which is still a long way off. Therefore, the "hard cross-country" is a battle that cannot be lost in front of the shortcut, but is the shortcut ready?

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