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The camera photos in the car are leaked, Gaohe: the police have been called!

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Late on the night of April 9, in response to the recent leaks of camera photos in Gaohe's cars, Gaohe officials made a statement and said that local image data would not be uploaded to the cloud.

The thing is, a netizen recently posted a picture saying that a private photo of a female passenger in a Gaohe car was taken by a camera inside the car, which was then widely circulated and controversial on the Internet. Some netizens think that the outflow of the photos may be from the backstage of the car, while others say the photos may have been stolen by hackers, while others say it may have been taken by female passengers themselves and then flowed out.

In response to the above incident, Gaohe said in a statement that with regard to the so-called "leaked photos taken by the camera inside the car" recently spread in the car owners and social media, we declare that there is no act of the Gaohe official to obtain or leak the relevant images. The backstage of the Gaohe car cannot remotely access the local images of the camera both technically and legally.

In addition, Gaohe Motor also stressed: "Please rest assured that Gaohe will always protect user privacy and information security, and that the data on the machine side of the car meets the national information security requirements on the technology link. The local image data recorded by the camera in the car will not be uploaded to the cloud." At the same time, for rumors or violations of user privacy, Gaohe has called the police and will take necessary legal measures to protect its brand and user reputation.

Today, Gaohe once again stressed that Gaohe can not access camera images, please do not spread rumors, spread rumors or mislead the public. An official letter has been sent to the police to file a case. And @ the publisher deletes Weibo, otherwise further legal measures will be taken to demand an apology and compensation for losses.

It is worth mentioning that in May 2022, a blogger revealed that the Gaohe driving recorder was suspected of leaking privacy. At that time, the blogger described in the video that when the interface of the driving recorder was opened, there was a button similar to "send WIFI" in the lower right corner. After clicking this button, you can see a list of more other owners of the same model. The car blogger clicked on one of the user names. I saw the picture taken by another car owner's driving recorder directly on the car screen.

In response, Gaohe said that the function mentioned by the Weibo user is part of the fleet travel and vehicle-road coordination system, which is turned off by default when leaving the factory, and requires the user to turn on the function options in the settings after the vehicle is powered on. And through the second confirmation of the privacy policy pop-up window can be opened. After the next point of the vehicle, this function can not be enabled, nor can it be opened remotely. At the beginning of development, this function fully takes into account the protection of user privacy, and sets a variety of protection and confirmation measures, without any storage. There is no disclosure of user privacy, please rest assured. The "vehicle interconnection" function is being updated in accordance with the country's latest laws to provide a better user experience on the premise of strictly abiding by national regulations.

The automobile industry is undergoing great innovation. As the automobile industry enters a new era of intelligent network connection, more and more cars are endowed with the characteristics of intelligence and interconnection, and as the intelligent network connection automobile has become the development trend of the automobile industry, user data security is also an important part of automobile security and attention.

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