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Equation leopard "leopard 8" preview picture released

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Recently, BYD equation Leopard announced that it will hold a spring launch of equation Leopard Automobile on April 16. From the official publicity materials, we can see that this conference is expected to be unveiled in Leopard 3, Leopard 8 and other models.

In fact, the Leopard 3 and Leopard 8 models were unveiled earlier last August. It is understood that equation leopard 8 positioning higher than equation leopard 5, is the equation leopard hardline family of the second car, positioning large hard cross-country SUV.

Appearance: leopard 8 still uses the box design style of founder, with external spare tire and large-size off-road tire, highlighting the identity of hard cross-country SUV. The new car adopts a closed medium-net design, and the headlight group is integrated with the grille. The car body uses strong lines, which greatly enhances the rigid flavor of the vehicle. The rear part of the car is equipped with vertical taillights on both sides, which is highly recognizable after lighting.

In terms of interior decoration, referring to the earlier network exposure of Leopard 8 interior decoration picture, we can see that Leopard 8 interior decoration style is similar to Leopard 5, equipped with full liquid crystal instrument, floating central control screen. In terms of power, according to previous media exposure, Leopard 8 may be based on BYD DMO super hybrid off-road platform, equipped with a hybrid system composed of 2.0T engine. Among them, the maximum power of 2.0T engine is 180 kilowatts, the maximum power of the system is more than 500 kilowatts, and the maximum torque may be 760 Nm. Yunyi-P intelligent body control system is applied.

In terms of price, referring to the price of Leopard 5 from 289800 yuan to 352800 yuan, the price of Leopard 8 may be more than 400000 yuan.

Data show: equation Leopard is a brand new brand under BYD, which announced the brand name in June last year and the brand LOGO in July. The first model, Leopard 5, went on sale on November 9 last year, launching a total of three models with a price range of 28.98 yuan to 352800 yuan. The new car is based on BYD's new DMO super hybrid off-road platform, equipped with a power system composed of a longitudinal 1.5T high-power engine and front and rear dual motors, all equipped with low-speed four-wheel drive, leopard U-turn and other functions. The figures show that Leopard 5 sold 5203 vehicles in January, 2310 in February and 3550 in March. Cumulative sales of the equation Leopard 5 in the first quarter were 11063.

At present, BYD's brands form dynasty, ocean, momentum, look up and equation leopard brand matrix, covering areas from household to luxury, from mass to personalized, to meet the needs of users in all directions. Among them, BYD brand covers two major product series, dynasty net and ocean net, mainly targeting the market of less than 300000 yuan. The momentum brand mainly targets the high-end market in the range of 30-500000 yuan. Looking up to the brand, the main target is the million-level market. Equation Leopard is a multi-category professional new energy model created by BYD to meet the individual needs of users, which is located between momentum and looking up, and the product matrix will cover different types of models such as sports cars, off-road cars and sedan cars.

According to the official plan, the sales target for this year is 45-5 million vehicles. It has increased by nearly half compared with 2023. The data show that BYD sold 626300 vehicles in the first quarter, meeting only 13.9 per cent of its 4.5 million target. However, as BYD brands launch new models one after another, it may help officials achieve their annual targets this year.

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