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No longer named after EQ! Pure electric G-class off-road vehicle first launch

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On the eve of the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz launched its first Mercedes-Benz pure electric G-class off-road vehicle in China. The new car is named G580with EQ Technology, which can be said to be the first pure tram no longer named after EQ. In terms of price, the standard version starts at 142600 euros (about 1.1 million yuan) in Europe and 192500 euros (about 1.486 million yuan) for the EDITION ONE. It is understood that the new car will be officially launched in the second half of 2024.

From the design point of view, whether it is the previous EQG concept car, or now the debut of the G580, the design retains the classic G-level design elements, that is, square box + round headlights, which can be seen at a glance that this is a G-class family product. Compared with the round and technological sense of the concept car, the pure electric G-class off-road vehicle is more tough, the middle grid is decorated with horizontal strips, the edge light belt of the middle grid can be lit, and the decorations on both sides of the front are shaped in rectangular shape to highlight the hard temperament. In terms of body color matching, the new car will provide matte South China Sea blue paint, obsidian black metal paint, matte Fritillaria white paint, Fritillaria white (bright color) paint and classic gray non-metallic paint.

On the side of the body, the side shape of the G 580 still retains the classic elements, and the sturdy waistline is decorated with blue strips, indicating that this is a new energy model. In terms of size, the G580s are 4624/1931/1986mm in length, width and height, 2890mm in wheelbase, with a total mass of 3.5t and equipped with 265max 50R18 tires. In the rear part of the car, the shape of the rear part of the G 580 is highly consistent with that of the fuel version, and the small schoolbag on the rear door of the vehicle has become a storage compartment to facilitate the storage of small items and charging wires.

In terms of interior decoration, there is little difference between the G580 and the G500. The design of the center console is still "G-flavored", and the central channel area is embellished with touch panels and some silver decorative panels. Even pure electric cars can still show the texture of cross-country + luxury + technology. In addition, the rear seat backrest of the new car is also equipped with two LCD screens to facilitate entertainment for rear passengers.

In terms of power, the G580 is pure electric drive, equipped with four independently controlled wheel side motors, the maximum comprehensive power output is 432kW (588hp), the peak torque is 1164N ·m, the 0-100km/h time of the car is 4.7s, and the extreme speed is 180km/h. In terms of battery life, the new car is equipped with 116kWh ternary lithium battery, the maximum mileage is 473km (WLTP mode), CLTC is 580km, it has fast charging ability, and it can drive 170km in 15 minutes.

In terms of cross-country performance, the G580 has a maximum wading depth of 850mm, provides low-speed cross-country gear, and supports G-Turn (U-turn in place) and G-Steering flexible steering functions. In addition to the above functions, the G580 also provides G-ROAR sound wave simulation function, which can simulate the sound waves of the V8 engine and provide a sound wave atmosphere in different driving dynamics.

In addition to the pure electric G-class off-road vehicle, Mercedes-Benz also unveiled a new G500 and a new AMG G 63. The biggest change of the new G 500 is the change from the previous 4.0T V8 engine to the 3.0T L6 engine + 48V light hybrid system. Although the engine is smaller, the power is actually increased and the acceleration is faster. The new AMG G 63 adds a 48V light mixing system with ISG to the AMG 4.0T V8 engine with a maximum power of 430kW and a maximum torque of 850N ·m.

Mercedes-Benz G-class off-road vehicle after years of development, always maintain the "true color" unchanged. In the wave of electrification, the pure electric G-class still retains the classic elements of G-class off-road vehicles, and goes further in terms of configuration and off-road functionality. The only worry is whether the vast number of fans of the fuel Mercedes-Benz G-Class are willing to pay for the "electric G-Class".

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