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Xiaomi car delivery of more than ten thousand! Lei Jun: ensure the delivery of 100000 vehicles this year

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May 15, Xiaomi Automobile official announced that from April 3 to May 15, a total of 43 days, the 10000th Xiaomi SU7 was officially delivered. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, then forwarded the message to personal Weibo and said: thank you for your concern and support. Xiaomi is continuing to expand its capacity to ensure the delivery of 100000 new cars this year.

Xiaomi SU7, a blockbuster model built by Xiaomi in three years, was launched on March 28th, with a total of three models: standard version, Pro version and Max version, with a price range of 215900 yuan to 299900 yuan, with a choice of dual-motor and single-motor versions.

At the end of last year, Lei Jun said in an interview: "there must be expectations for the Xiaomi SU7, but the car is indeed very complicated. I am particularly worried that if it is not popular at first, no one will buy it. What is more worried is that if everyone comes to buy it, we will definitely be scolded for waiting for a year or two. Behind this is all kinds of anxiety." From the current delivery record, only 43 days, Xiaomi SU7 delivery will exceed 10,000, which to some extent also shows the consumer recognition of Xiaomi car.

On April 23, Lei Jun announced at the Xiaomi investors' meeting that the delivery target of Xiaomi SU7 in 2024 would exceed 100000 vehicles. At the recently concluded Beijing auto show, Lei Jun reiterated that Xiaomi SU7 aims to deliver 100000 vehicles within 2024 and to deliver more than 10000 vehicles a month starting in June.

As the first masterpiece of Xiaomi Group to enter the new energy vehicle market, Xiaomi SU7 attracted the attention of many consumers and obtained extremely high traffic when it was launched. According to car blogger Sun Shaojun, as of May 9, Xiaomi's SU7 lock has exceeded 100000. For Xiaomi SU7's car market performance, Lei Jun said that the results of the first phase have begun to show, although the delivery speed has yet to be improved, but the actual sales have far exceeded the initial expectations, three to five times higher.

It should be noted that while Xiaomi SU7 is popular, it also faces the problem of long delivery cycle. In order to increase production capacity and shorten delivery time, Xiaomi's Beijing plant plans to open a "two-shift model" in June, increasing its daily production time from 8 hours to 16 hours, when its monthly capacity may increase to about 20,000 vehicles, according to the Financial Associated Press. In addition, the second phase of Xiaomi Automobile plant is also under way, which will start this year and be completed next year. Previous information shows that Xiaomi Automobile Phase II project is located in Fangxindian Village and Xiaozhangwan Village of Yizhuang New City, with an annual planned production capacity of 150000 vehicles.

May 13, Xiaomi car in "Xiaomi SU7 answers netizens' questions (episode 40)" to "is it true that Xiaomi car factory was shut down for a time during May Day?" In response to this question, Xiaomi said that the shutdown was to improve this year's production capacity, and engineers used the May Day holiday to carry out equipment maintenance and renovation to prepare for the next rapid improvement in delivery capacity. In addition, Xiaomi said: "at present, Xiaomi SU7 is more popular than previously expected, Xiaomi car production capacity continues to increase, and progress is very smooth." According to the latest information from Xiaomi App, the delivery cycle of Xiaomi SU7 standard version is 29-32 weeks; that of Pro version is 30-33 weeks; and that of Max version is 33-36 weeks.

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