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BYD sues! Claim for 5 million yuan

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On the evening of May 24, the official Weibo of BYD's legal department announced that it would sue car blogger Yao * Qiang after its Douyin account "Daqin Army Shaanxi regiment" released a test video, claiming to test the 100-kilometer fuel consumption of BYD's equation Panther 5 in normal driving mode, and finally came to the conclusion that the fuel consumption of equation Leopard 5 was as high as 18 liters per 100 kilometers.

According to previous reports, the incident occurred on November 28, 2023, when the car self-media "Daqin Army Shaanxi Regiment" with more than a million fans shared the fuel consumption performance of driving equation Leopard 5 from Weinan to Wuhai. The test results showed that the fuel consumption of the equation Panther 5 model reached 18 liters at a high speed of 100 kilometers, which was a far cry from the official propaganda data.

On December 3, 2023, Jiebao issued a statement, saying that it had obtained relevant vehicle operation data in response to the police's demand for evidence in the 2023.11.28 Yao Qiang suspected of speeding. The data show that there are a large number of abnormal driving behavior of the vehicle on that day, including the high-speed driving of more than 120km in multinational roads and abnormal parking time in some highway sections.

On December 4, 2023, the Daqin Army Shaanxi Regiment once again released a video saying that the speed reached 103 km / h on a speed limit of 80 km / h on a national highway in Wuhai City, and the traffic police had fined 200 yuan and 3 points for this behavior. At the same time, according to the car blogger "continuous Power to the North", the "Daqin Army Shaanxi regiment" was seriously speeding in three sections, deducting 6 points, 3 points and 6 points respectively, but there was a time difference between the second and the third time. Yao 18 "studied" to make up for six points during this period, so now there are still three points left in his driver's license, which has not been revoked.

According to the background data obtained by BYD, the test model had a large number of abnormal driving behavior on the test day, including, but not limited to, the speed exceeded 180km/h in 3 periods and 170km / 160km/h in 6 periods. During the whole period of high speed driving, the proportion of speed range 120-160km/h, speed 140-160km/h and speed exceeding 160km/h was more than 37%, 46% and 4% respectively. And the car has many abnormal driving phenomena such as rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration. In the face of official data, the "Daqin army Shaanxi regiment" seriously speeding seems to be "solid".

BYD said that Yao * Qiang's abnormal driving behavior caused harm to road safety, lied about the fuel consumption results of normal tests, and caused serious damage to the product reputation of the YD equation Leopard brand and Leopard 5. BYD decided to formally file a lawsuit against Yao * Qiang, demanding a public apology and compensation of 5 million yuan.

Equation Leopard is the fourth car brand of BYD Group. After BYD, Teng Teng and Wang Wang, only Leopard 5 is currently on sale. It went on sale in October 2023 with a price range of 289800 yuan to 352800 yuan. In terms of power, Leopard 5 is equipped with a four-wheel drive system composed of 1.5T engine and front and rear double motors, with a comprehensive maximum power of 505kW and a maximum torque of 760Nm. In terms of battery life, Leopard 5 is equipped with 31.8kWh blade battery, which supports 100kW DC fast charging, the range in pure electric mode is 125km, the fuel consumption in the lowest charged state is 7.8L/ 100km, and the comprehensive mileage 1200km. The data show that 13173 leopard 5 vehicles were sold in the equation from January to April in 2024.

At present, many Internet Vs deliberately create extreme false data in order to broaden traffic and attract the attention of netizens, but since the media era, people gradually have their own views on the results, and deliberate fraud will be punished.

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