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Weilai ES6 was exposed to accelerate automatically during driving! Official response

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Recently, a video about the NIO ES6 accelerating while driving in an underground garage was exposed on the Internet.

According to the owner in the video, the car began to accelerate after slipping, and the brake couldn't stop. It finally hit the car and wall in the parking space in front of it before stopping. He also said that his NIO ES6 was purchased in 2021. It can be seen from the video that the NIO ES6 finally hit the vehicle in front of the garage.

Regarding this accident, some netizens commented: There is a high probability that this kind of thing is a mistake. Some netizens pointed out that garages generally have a speed limit of 5 kilometers, and this kind of ground is quite slippery, especially when encountering water. This speed may not be able to stop.

Later, NIO officials also responded to the incident and said: Recently, we received feedback from Jinhua user Mr. Li that his ES6 vehicle had an accident while driving in the underground garage, questioning that there was a problem with the vehicle. After receiving user feedback, we attached great importance to it. After obtaining user authorization, we retrieved the driving data of the vehicle as soon as possible and conducted a detailed analysis.

According to our data analysis results, the vehicle did not experience automatic acceleration or brake failure. In the 18 seconds before the accident, the vehicle's switch pedal was continuously depressed, and the vehicle speed rapidly accelerated from 6.9 kilometers/h to 40.2 kilometers/h; the brake pedal began to be depressed 4 seconds before the accident, and the brake pressure ranged from 32.5 bar to 97.5 bar, and the brake anti-lock system (ABS) was continuously activated; However, because the speed was too fast and the ground was covered with moisture, this ground condition caused the adhesion between the wheels and the ground to be significantly reduced, so the vehicle finally failed to stop, resulting in a collision. "

The car owner did not recognize the official response. The car owner said that he recognized the EDR data but did not recognize NIO's data. If the EDR data showed that he did not step on the brake, he was willing to bear legal responsibility. NIO expressed its willingness to work with Mr. Li to select a third-party testing agency to test the vehicles involved to ensure the fairness of the test results.

In fact, there are many accidents caused by slippery epoxy floor roads. It is understood that the epoxy floor is composed of an organic material called "epoxy resin". If there is water falling on the epoxy floor, it is a bit like pouring water on oil, which will form a layer of water on the ground. The film reduces friction, so this is also the main reason for the frequent occurrence of vehicle accidents on epoxy roads where water is accumulated. Generally speaking, when driving in an epoxy floor basement where water is accumulated, the speed must be controlled below 5 mph to ensure sufficient braking distance to avoid accidents. In response to this matter, some insiders pointed out that forced movement on wet and slippery epoxy ground will greatly reduce the traction of the tires after braking. Such accidents generally have little to do with the car.

Data shows that the vehicle that occurred this time is the NIO ES6, the second mass production model of NIO. It was launched in December 2018 and is currently selling for 386,000 - 554,000 yuan. Relevant data shows that ES6 sales in April were 5527 units, and the cumulative sales from January to April were 16159 units.

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