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It is exposed that the ideal automobile retail delivery department will merge.

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According to Auto per person, ideal car will combine "retail and delivery headquarters functions into sales", which may be to avoid friction between retail and delivery teams as much as possible. Prior to this, due to the different assessment indicators of retail and delivery teams, it is inevitable that friction will occur because of coordination, which will adversely affect retail sales.

It is understood that the sales model of ideal car is similar to Tesla, and the retail and delivery departments are independent of each other. The retail department is mainly responsible for pre-sales. After the customer is ordered, the delivery department will dock and provide delivery service. It is worth mentioning that the retail department and the delivery department have different assessment indicators, with the retail department taking the number of cars sold as the KPI and the delivery department taking the delivery volume as the KPI.

In order to improve their performance, the delivery side wants customers to pick up the car as soon as possible, but some customers may pick up the car because of various delays. For example, customers may feel that the preferential policies and subsidies in May are good, and they will choose to place an order in May. Some customers may have more money in June and choose to pick up the car in June. At this time, the contradiction arises, and the failure to pick up the car in time will affect the delivery rate. At this time, the delivery department will persuade the customer to return the order first and wait for the car to be ordered in the same month, which directly affects the task index of the retail department. Today, the merger of retail and delivery departments can maximize the internal friction of the ideal car, play a synergistic effect and work together to sell cars. However, no explanation has been released for the merger of the ideal automobile retail delivery department.

Since the fourth quarter of 2022, ideal Automobile has made profits for six consecutive quarters, becoming the only new power car company in China to achieve continuous profits. In particular, in 2023, ideal Automobile's annual revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan and profit exceeded 10 billion yuan. Ideal Automobile has become the third profitable new energy automobile company in the world after Tesla and BYD. However, after entering 2024, the performance of ideal car was lower than expected. although it also made a profit in the first quarter of 2024, it fell by 36.7% from the same period last year and 89.7% from the previous month, because the first all-electric model, the ideal MEGA, encountered the greatest pressure since its inception in terms of positioning, price and appearance. due to the lower-than-expected sales orders, the delivery volume of the ideal car was reduced by 76000 to 78000 in the first quarter. The final delivery of 80400 vehicles, this delivery performance is not as bright as in the past.

It is understood that the ideal car will adjust the previous delivery target of 800000 vehicles to 56-640000 vehicles, but the cumulative delivery of 141200 vehicles from January to May, which is only 18.96% complete in terms of 560000 vehicles, and then the ideal car delivery needs to be more than 60, 000 vehicles per month, which is under great pressure.

Even so, ideal car CEO Li said on the earnings call, "We will be very optimistic about the next monthly sales performance. After the adjustment of the price strategy, the order volume of the L7, L8 and L9 continues to grow, and the company has no plans to reduce prices in the future." It is understood that the ideal car's performance guidance for the second quarter is to deliver 105000 to 110000 vehicles, while the ideal car will deliver 60800 vehicles from April to May. Even if calculated according to the lowest line of the delivery guidelines, the average delivery volume of the ideal car in the next six months will reach 44200, which is a lot of pressure. "considering the severe challenges we experienced in March, I think the second quarter will be the most difficult quarter for the company this year," said Li tie, CFO of ideal car.

As a matter of fact, the current situation of ideal car is not bad. Its cash reserve is nearly 100 billion yuan at the end of the first quarter, and it is still one of the automobile enterprises with the most abundant cash reserves in China, but the competition in the new energy vehicle industry is becoming more and more fierce. it's just that the challenge facing the ideal car is just beginning.

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