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Changan Automobile's sales in the first half of the year were announced!

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On July 4th, Changan Automobile released the latest production and sales data, KuaiBao showed. Data show that Changan car sales in June 2024 were 225000, a slight decline of 0.3% from a year earlier. Among them, sales of independent brands of new energy were 63600, an increase of 60.03% over the same period last year. From January to June in 2024, the cumulative sales of Changan Automobile was 1.3341 million vehicles, an increase of 9.74% over the same period last year. Of these, the cumulative sales of independent passenger cars were 821900, up 7.01% from the same period last year, and the cumulative sales of new energy under independent brands were 299100, up 69.87% from the same period last year.

Subdivided into Changan Automobile brands, the two joint venture brands have declined. Among them, Changan Ford sold 19500 vehicles, down 3.18% from the same period last year; Changan Mazda sold 5535 vehicles, down 25.31% from the same period last year. But fortunately, the cumulative sales of the two joint venture brands increased in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. Of this total, Changan Ford increased 13.36 per cent to 111600 vehicles compared with the same period last year, while Changan Mazda increased 14.44 per cent to 36800 vehicles.

Compared with joint venture brands, independent brands are a different story. At present, the new energy brands operated by Changan Automobile have formed the layout of three major electric brands: deep Blue Automobile, Avita and Changan Qiyuan, among which Deep Blue Automobile focuses on incremental models, Avita focuses on high-end pure electricity market, and Qiyuan brand focuses on digital intelligence. According to official figures, sales of Deep Blue cars in June were 16700, up 107.18% from the same period last year; cumulative sales for the year were 83900, up 101.46% from the same period last year; Avita was 4682, up 167.08 from the same period last year; cumulative sales for the year were 29000; Changan Qiyuan was 15200; cumulative sales for the year were 73000. From the latest official sales figures, Deep Blue Automobile and Changan Qiyuan series are showing a substantial growth trend.

Generally speaking, the decline of the joint venture brand has little impact on Changan Automobile, while the performance of the new energy sector is relatively prominent. For Changan Automobile, there is no doubt that its main business is the independent passenger car sector. If it wants to achieve rapid growth, it must rely on its own brands and new energy vehicles, which will continue to be the main driving force for the growth of Changan Automobile. It should be noted that the current automobile market is shrouded in anxiety and "volume" atmosphere, not only volume price, volume configuration, volume speed, volume flow, but also volume bosses, especially in the field of new energy vehicles, the inner volume of the "price war" leads to a decline in the terminal price of new cars. At the opening plenary meeting of the 2024 China Automobile Chongqing Forum early last month, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said that the "roll" of the automobile industry is the process of driving out bad money and the best way for the industry to quickly return to healthy competition. In the next 10 years, more Chinese brands will become world-class brands. Deep Blue Automobile and Avita, as important sources of new energy sales of Changan Automobile, are still in the early stage of development. Under this background, Changan Automobile also faces many challenges.

According to the plan, the sales target of Changan Automobile in 2024 is to strive to achieve production and sales of more than 2.65 million vehicles. By comparison, Changan car sales in 2023 were 2.553 million, up 8.8 per cent from a year earlier. In terms of products, Changan Automobile will launch a number of new and modified products during the year, of which 8 are new energy products. According to reports, the internal PPT of Changan Deep Blue Automobile shows that in addition to the Changan Deep Blue G318, it will launch five models, including the upcoming L07 and S07, as well as three models under the code C518, C857 and D587.

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