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Latest! Several state-owned enterprises in Shanghai purchase Tesla Model Y

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On July 5, the official Weibo of Shanghai's "Lingang New District Investment Promotion Service Center" revealed that several state-owned enterprises in the new Lingang area, including Citouxing Port Group and Lingang Investment Control Group, have purchased Model Y as an enterprise function car.

It is worth mentioning that, on July 4, the Jiangsu Government Procurement Network disclosed the "Jiangsu Party and government organs, institutions and organizations in Jiangsu Province 2024-2025 new energy vehicle framework agreement procurement announcement (3)" showed that Tesla Model Y rear wheel drive version entered the Jiangsu provincial government new energy vehicle procurement catalogue. At present, Tesla Model Y rear wheel drive version (standard continued version) has a wheelbase of 2890mm and a range of 554km, with an official guiding price of 249900 yuan. Therefore, Tesla Model Y meets the above conditions.

Tesla is the first wholly foreign-owned vehicle manufacturing enterprise, and the Shanghai factory is Tesla's first factory in the overseas market, which plays an important role in Tesla's domestic sales and export supply to the global market. As the leader of the global pure electricity market, Tesla delivered 1.809 million cars worldwide in 2023, of which 604000 were sold in China, an increase of 37.3% over the same period last year. Tesla's victory in the field of Chinese government procurement further confirms his strong momentum in the Chinese market.

Government cars represent the image of the government, so it is difficult for brands with general image or general reviews to enter the catalogue of government procurement vehicles. Although the controversy of Tesla automobile brand in the domestic market continues, it can not conceal the brand value of Tesla. In recent years, its sales in the Chinese market have continued to grow, standing at the top of the technology chain of new energy vehicles. Tesla brand is really very rare. In addition, in recent years, the state has been promoting the development of new energy vehicles, and some deputies to the National people's Congress expressed the hope that the state would encourage official vehicles to purchase new energy vehicles, and suggested that official vehicles be allowed to choose hybrid vehicles. It is suggested that the use and procurement of Chinese brand cars should be encouraged to help shape the image of Chinese automobile brands.

Jiangsu Provincial Government Procurement Center said that the procurement was Tesla's initiative to sign up, and the procurement center judged according to the two dimensions of parameters and price, and recognized Tesla's qualification for the shortlist. At the same time, the Jiangsu Provincial Government Procurement Center also said that government procurement does not purchase imported goods, and imported goods need special examination and approval, but Tesla does not belong to import and belongs to domestic cars. "it does not mean that Tesla will be selected as the government car, it is only entering the procurement catalogue at present, and the subsequent demand will be Juding according to the intention of the administrative authorities at all levels and the procurement departments of the user departments," the Jiangsu provincial government procurement center said. "

Industry insiders said that the Jiangsu provincial government took the lead in launching this action, which may be followed by more regional governments. Earlier, Tesla's data security issues attracted much attention, such as whether users took photos and uploaded to the cloud when driving Tesla vehicles, and whether Tesla's data collection would be uploaded abroad, and whether it involved state secrets. As a result, Tesla is unable to get in and out normally on some occasions, such as airports. On April 28, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the National computer Network Emergency Technology processing Coordination Center issued a circular on the testing of four safety requirements for automobile data processing (the first batch). The documents show that the models produced by Tesla's Shanghai factory, namely Model 3 and Model Y, meet the four compliance requirements stipulated by relevant state laws and regulations, including anonymous processing of face information outside the car, no collection of cockpit data by default, in-car processing of cockpit data, and handling significant notification of personal information.

On July 2, Tesla released the second-quarter automobile production and delivery report. Tesla delivered a total of 443956 cars in the second quarter, exceeding Wall Street expectations of 439302, according to the report. Among them, Model 3Universe Y accounts for the vast majority of the share, reaching 422405 vehicles. Although it is down 4.8% from the same period, it still shows a good momentum compared with 14.8% growth in the first quarter.

In China, Tesla is facing fierce competition from local electric car brands. To this end, Tesla has provided zero-interest loans to customers who bought Model 3 or Model Y before July 31 in China. According to Tesla's 2023 annual report, Tesla's total income in China reached US $21.75 billion, accounting for 22.5% of total sales.

Affected by this, Tesla's share price rose one after another, and Tesla's share price rose 27.11% as of July 7, erasing all the losses in last year. At present, with a total market capitalization of US $802.147 billion, Tesla is still the world's largest car company by market capitalization.

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