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Baoding Curinan! Tank 800 will go on sale next year

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A few days ago, Tank 700 Commodity Director Ma Quanquan said in an interview that Tank 800 has been developed and will be officially released in 2024. It is understood that the tank 800 was first unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, positioning full-size SUV, belonging to the flagship model of the business luxury series of the tank brand.

From the point of view of the models that have been unveiled before, compared with the tank models currently on sale, the Tank 800 places more emphasis on the luxury atmosphere, its front face uses a large vertical bar chrome-plated front grille, the tank brand LOGO is placed in the center of the grille, and the design of the headlight group with inner circle and outer side is very individual. Compared with the previously exposed espionage photos, the overall appearance style of the tank 800 test car basically continues from the exhibition car unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, and the front grille has two detailed designs: vertical and horizontal banners.

From the side and rear, the car has a very burly posture. The long waistline runs through the body, and the large-size multi-spoke rims are basically consistent with the previous exhibition cars. The car also has a very wide D-pillar shape, but also fill a stable.

In terms of interior decoration, the luxury of the tank 800 is also very prominent, the materials are very exquisite, where you can see is covered by a large number of fur, the texture of wood grain and metal trim board is very exquisite, the air outlet plucker is made as exquisite as jewelry, but in view of the unveiled car nature, this design style is expected to appear only on the special version of the model. It adopts the popular suspension screen design, the center console retains a large number of physical buttons, the embossing decoration on the edge of the air conditioning outlet is very bright, and the unique shape is also the family design of the brand.

In the power part, Tank 800 may provide 2.0T and 3.0T V6 engines, which will be equipped with 9HAT to form a Hi4-T plug-in hybrid system, but specific power information has not yet been released. In addition, unlike the tank 500 integral bridge non-independent rear suspension, the tank 800 will be designed with a separate rear suspension and equipped with air springs.

In 2020, Great Wall Automobile released the tank platform, which took five years to invest 20 billion yuan to build an intelligent, modular model technology platform, providing 2.0T and 3.0T engine options, matching the country's first independently developed longitudinal 9AT transmission, covering fuel, PHEV, HEV three power forms. At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the tank brand announced that it would separate from the Wei brand and operate independently, and continue to cultivate the SUV market.

Under the global layout, the tank brand sets the development goal for the next five years: the global sales impact of 500000 units in 2025, achieving the first market share of China's cross-country SUV, and challenging the first global cross-country SUV brand. In terms of model layout, the tank will launch 500 and 600 models in addition to the existing 300 and the 700 and 800 that have just been unveiled.

At present, the tank brand currently sells only three models: tank 300, tank 400 and tank 500, of which tank 300 is pure fuel vehicle, tank 400 is plug-in hybrid, and tank 500 provides fuel and plug-in powertrain. According to FIFA data, tank brands sold 108407 vehicles in the first 10 months of 2023, of which 81085 were tanks, accounting for 75 per cent of the total, compared with 24220.

Generally speaking, Tank 800s represent another new force for the traditional Chinese brand SUV to hit the high end, but with reference to the price of Tank 700s, it is estimated that the starting price of Tank 800s should be in the range of 50-600000 yuan. At present, the off-road market is extremely hot, in addition to tank brands, there are equation leopard, Beijing cars, shortcut brands, etc., but rather than the hard cross-country has become a blue sea, it is better to say that the current market is extremely inward, and there does not seem to be much road to go. The cross-country share of the whole market will still be growing, but the influx of so many homogeneous models at a time is destined to become a survivor game.

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